Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984)

Starring: Kimberly Beck, Corey Feldman, Eric Anderson, JudieAronson, Crispin Glover

Released: 1984

Certificate: 18

Directed by: Joseph Zito


Jason doesn’t fancy staying in the Morgue after part 3 and starts slashing his way back to Crystal Lake where some naughty teenagers and a young family await….


One of the better entries in the series, thanks mainly to some competent direction from Jo Zito (also at the helm for 1981’s rather stylish slasher “Rosemary’s Killer”); impressive make-up effects from Tom Savini and above-par performances from Beck, Feldman and Glover.

Once we add-in the hilarious “dance scene”  with “deadfuck” (Glover) and more than a generous helping of nudity, it is pretty easy to see why this movie is a fan favourite.

The closing third of the movie is in some ways innovative as Jason is pitted not against a screaming virgin (as in most of the series) but against a young boy (Feldman) and his family. There is also a historic link between this movie and earlier sequels, with the brother of one of Jason’s previous victims (from part 2) tracking the hockey-masked killer down for revenge. Such things always chime well with the hard-core.

If you can think of nothing better than spending your evenings watching fornicating teenagers hacked to death by a masked killer who won’t die, then you’ll love this. But it is definitely, for the “converted” only – if you are not a fan of early 80s slasher output, stay well away.

Oh and if you think this is the “Final Chapter” for our friend Jason, think again…..part 5, entitled “A New Beginning”, followed in 1985. If you do enjoy this, you may wish to try any of the other (ten) Friday 13th movies or any of the (eight) Halloween films. Of these, Halloween (1978) and Halloween 2 (1981) are, by far, superior in that particular franchise whilst parts 1,2 and 6 have the most to offer in the Friday 13th franchise.

hotdog rating: 2/10 (for non-genre fans) 8/10 (for genre fans)

p.s. For some reason, this is the slasher flick I tend to reach for when I return home drunk…..


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