Halloween 3: Season of the Witch (1982)

Starring: Tom Atkins, Stacey Nelkin, Dan O’Herlihy, Michael Currie, Ralph Strait

Released: 1982

Certificate: 15

Directed by: Tommy Lee Wallace


An evil toymaker (O’Herlihy) plans to use masks to murder children across America on Halloween night…..


In a nutsell, the movie is much like a cross between Charlie & the Chocolate Factory and The Wicker Man.

In other words, an original take on the Halloween franchise which disregards the killer from the previous films, Michael Myers, in order to peddle a dark fairytale. Halloween 3 is a stand-alone movie in this respect and whilst it is admirable for the producers to try and do something different, the end-product is intensely disappointing.

The plot is interesting but does feel like a piece which would be better-placed on The Twilight Zone  – it certainly isn’t clear to me that the big screen was the best way to present this visually.  Furthermore, the execution is poor – primarily this seems to be down to the very bizarre scriptwriting, but isn’t helped by the hammy performances of O’Herlihy – who has a very strange role as an evil Willy Wonka type – and Atkins.

Carpenter’s synth-score and the memorable, if graphically sickening, set-pieces showing the effects of the demonic masks (you’ll know what I mean…) save this from a very low-rating indeed.  An unpleasant fairytale which drains the viewer.

hotdog rating: 3/10.


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  1. Victor De Leon

    I actually like this one as a stand alone flick. I thought it was a cool story and I really sympathized with Carpenter when he exclaimed that there was no where else to go with Michael Myers and wanted the franchise to go in a different direction. I thought that was a brave move.

    But, I do agree with you that in some aspects of the film are indeed underwhelming (especially the execution like you mentioned) and I could really see where many may feel that the movie is ultimately just very average or even below that. I still enjoy it as a guilty pleasure, I suppose.

    I love the Twilight Zone very much so your reference to it in your review made me smile. Thanks and good job!

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