overview of the Halloween series…..

I love all of the movies in this series but some are pretty terrible films in their own right. a guilty pleasure of mine I suppose. So, instead of reviewing all of these individually….here’s the full lot.

Halloween (1978)


October 31st 1963. Haddonfield, Illinois. A young boy in a clown costume brutally murders his elder sister.

Octobr 31st 1978. That ‘young boy’ is a now a grown-man and has escaped from the nut-house. He heads back to his hometown, dons a halloween mask and begins to stalk and hack his way through a group of teenage friends….However, his psychiatrist follows him and endeavours to end the murderous rampage.


By no means the first slasher movie, but in every respect, the cream of the slasher crop. Undeniably one of the most influential horror movies ever made.  It’s simplicity, atmosphere and score have never been surpassed.

hotdog rating: 9/10.

Halloween 2 (1981)


Following immediately on from the first movie, Michael Myers traces Laurie Strode to the local hospital where the rampage begins all over again….except this time, Michael has an array of medical instruments at his disposal.


A well-made sequel, which is basically a re-run of Halloween 1. Carpenter’s no longer behind the camera but, as Producer, his hands are all over this. No marks for originality but if you want Halloween 1 plus a bit more gore and a higher kill count, you can’t go wrong.

hotdog rating: 7/10.

Halloween 3 (1983) : see earlier review. https://hotdogcinema.wordpress.com/2011/06/21/halloween-3-season-of-the-witch-1982/.

hotdog rating: 3/10.

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)


It’s October 31st 1988, and guess what? A ‘braindead’ Michael Myers escapes from the hospital….(I mean really, transferring Michael Myers of all people to another hospital on HALLOWEEN is just silly) Of course, everyone knows where he will go. Back to Haddonfield for some more slicing and dicing. This time he’s on the trail of Laurie’s daughter….his niece.


After the debacle of halloween 3, it’s good to see Michael back. This movie is a bit more brutal than other sequels but it’s a very ordinary slasher save for the performance of  Donald Pleasence and THAT score…

hotdog rating: 5.5/10.

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)


Apparently, Michael Myers didn’t die at the end of Halloween 4. Having been nursed back to health by a strange hermit, he returns on October 31st 1989 to get up to the usual mischief.


Starting to go  a bit pear-shaped now. Poor performances and a director with a liking for dark camera angles really hamper this one. Plus, an ending which seems like it was thought up down the pub on a boozy Friday night.

hotdog rating: 3.5/10

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)


Difficult one this. A very strange plot. Michael, of course, isn’t yet dead and is after another of his ever-dwindling family members…..but is someone controlling him?


An occultist script and over-zealous use of mumbo jumbo leaves the viewer a bit bemused. Some good set-pieces cannot save a series which had clearly gone too far ….a great shame that Pleasence’s last movie was this piece of slasher history.

hotdog rating: 3/10.

Halloween: H20 (1998)


Set 20 years after the events of Halloween 1 and 2 (and thus disregarding the events of 4, 5 and 6). Laurie Strode has a new identity and a new life but still suffers terrible nightmares about that night. On October 31st 1998, her nightmares become reality as she is confronted once again by Michael Myers.


In some ways, a welcome return to form for the series. Jamie Lee Curtis is back too whilst Josh Hartnett gets his screen debut. A well-directed slasher from Steve Miner (who also gave us Friday 13th parts 2 and 3) which unfortunately doesn’t completely capture the air of the first two movies. Nevertheless, a vast improvement on parts 5 and 6.

hotdog rating: 6.5/10

Halloween: Resurrection (2001)


A group of people stay in Michael Myers’ house overnight. Their experiences are broadcast over the internet. Things get predictabley nasty…


Oh dear, Halloween meets big brother. A bit of a farce, and a film which really doesn’t seem necessary. The rating is bumped up by a number of well-staged shock sequences.

hotdog rating: 4/10.


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