Hotdog’s Q&A

Q: What is your favourite movie?

A: Psycho (1960).  I will follow up on this post with a top ten list.

Q: Who is your favourite director?

A: Alfred Hitchcock. No one has influenced modern cinema more than this man did and his CV is just bloody astounding. I  think David Cronenberg is a vastly under-rated director, people should do more to spread the word.

Q: Who is your favourite Actor?

A: Clint Eastwood. Although I think  James Stewart is close on this one.

Q: Star Wars or lord of the rings?

A: Star Wars.

Q:  What is favourite Friday the 13th film?

A: Friday 13th part 2.

Q: Alien (1979) or Aliens (1986)?

A: Alien.

Q: What is favourite western?

A: Bloody tough one. I love The Wild Bunch (1969) for the cast but I reckon my favourite western is probably The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (1966) or maybe The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962).

Q: Scariest film you have ever seen?

A: Difficult since this is very much dependent on the situation at the time. I think The Changeling (1981) is the one which scared the largest amount of crap out of me. I also think that turning the lights off and watching Halloween (1978) on full volume is pretty terrifying. As a kid, A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge (1985) scared the shit out of me.

Q: CGI or not?

A: Very much not.

Q: Transformers re-make or the original animated 1986 movie?

A: “Don’t leave me Soundwave”. “As you command Megatron”. Has to be the animated movie.

Q: What did you make of the re-makes of Halloween, Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street?

A: Well, of the lot the Nightmare re-make was the best – it was creepy in parts, and it was very different from the 1984 original (even in plot).

I really didn’t like Rob Zombie’s reworking of Halloween, far too much time was spent examining michael’s personality and his rage. To me, this missed the whole point of Carpenter’s original movie – the fear of the unknown, which makes you ask “just who is this mental guy in the shatner mask and the boiler suit?” and “Oh christ, why is he killing everyone?”. Zombie, by answering these questions, removes the big element in the original for me. Zombie doesn’t seem to understand the “MacGuffin”. But hey, that’s just my view, I know a lot of people who liked it. Oh and I think San Loomis’s character was badly mis-cast.

On the Friday the 13th re-make, I thought it was quite interesting and there were some nifty death scenes but all in all, I just thought “what’s the point of remaking parts one and two in this film?” – I didn’t see the relevance; at least the latter sequels in the series chucked Jason into Space, here we just had a re-hash with better gore effects of parts one and two from 30 years ago.

Q: Do you have a favourite movie scene?

A: I think it is probably the shot of the jazz-drummer revealing his identity as the killer, through his twitch, in Young and Innocent (1937). If not, maybe the last scene in Assault on Precinct (1976) when Austin Stoker’s character walks out “Napoleon Wilson”. Classic.


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