Fright Night (1985)

Starring: Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale, Roddy McDowall

released: 1985

certificate: 18

Directed by: Tom Holland


A teenage boy realises that his new neighbour is a vampire and enlists the help of a washed-up horror actor to rid his town of the evil menace.


Watched this last night when I got in.

McDowall’s horror actor is a pleasure to watch – the facial expressions in particular – and Sarandon is hilariously diabolical as the evil-vampire-next-door. Ragsdale is competent and believable as the teenager stuck in the middle of it all. The script is good with some cracking pieces of dialogue and the direction pacy (Holland would go on to helm Child’s Play (1988)). All in all,  a very fun ‘popcorn’ movie  with some great special FX (the werewolf scene springs to mind), interesting characters and a generous helping of humour.

The film re-launched the sub-genre in the 1980s. So if you like this you may want to check out The Lost Boys (1987). The film has been re-made with Colin Farrell playing the vampire and David Tennant in McDowall’s role; the re-make hits UK cinemas in September.

hotdog rating: 7/10


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