Psycho 2 (1983)


It’s 22 years since the events of Psycho (1960) and Norman Bates is released from a mental institution, apparently because he has been ‘cured’. However, ‘mother’ rears her ugly head again and people start getting butchered in and around the motel. But can Norman really be behind the killings?


I have to admit, I didn’t like the idea of a sequel in general. I couldn’t fathom how one would follow-up Hitchcock’s horror masterpiece. Yet, this film is a pleasant surprise. It’s certainly not a re-hash of the original and nor is it a by-the-numbers teen slasher flick.

Firstly, Perkins gives another career-defining performance as troubled motel-owner Norman Bates. What is really effective here is the way he manages to play the role of Norman 22 years on from his original performance – the transformation seems effortless and it’s as if Norman’s character has aged in exactly the same way as Perkins himself.

Norman, put the knife know what happens and it's messy

Some may say that this film is purely a vehicle for Perkins to play his character to the hilt. But this would be a very unfair judgement on the two other things which make this film darn good; they are:

  • the supporting cast
  • the plot
Taking the supporting cast, we have the wonderful Vera Miles – reprising her role from the original as the sister of one of Norman’s early victims – and the ever dependable Robert Loggia as Bates’s psychiatrist. I loved seeing Vera Miles back on screen and she clearly is having a great time re-visiting her old character, which makes a change from the usual bland players, so often found in 80s horror movies, simply going through the motions .
Moving on to the plot. The film makers obviously went a long way  in trying to keep the audience on their toes and the plot is laden with twists and red-herrings to keep us guessing as to what is actually going on – namely, is Norman behind the new batch of murders?
Now, this is nowhere near as elegant or as stylish as the original. But if you can put this behind you for 2 hours, it’s a thoroughly pleasing horror-thriller, performed to perfection by a scintillating cast. As good a sequel as anyone could expect – and more!
hotdog rating: 7/10

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