Basketcase (1982)


A young man carrying a big basket that contains his deformed Siamese-twin brother seeks vengeance on the doctors who separated them against their will. (IMDB).


Well, what can I say about Basketcase? It’s a very strange film which makes you feel dirty when you watch it. I don’t know whether it’s because it looks and feels much like a cheap porn film or because the subject content is so disturbing.

First and foremost, the acting in this film is terrible. But then again, the budget was only $35,000 apparently, so we can forgive this. The gore factor is pretty high and the overall special effects are not too bad – surprisingly, the make-up effects on the deformed twin are not nearly as bad as you might think. Moving swiftly on to the deformed twin – we see him far too early in the picture for me, which effectively eliminates any suspense the movie attempts to build; and whilst those on-screen are so curious about what is in the basket, we the audience already know.

Moreover, it is very difficult to watch this without actually laughing at some of the lines uttered by the players. In other ways, the film works. It is creepy and horrific at key moments and the camera’s gaze is close-up and extended on the grisly murders (borrowing from the Fulci/Argento technique). Moreover, even 30 years on, the opening sequence is still quite scary.

the lady is gonna need more than a bit of Nivea to sort this out...

The real “gross-out” occurs near the end when said deformed twin attempts to rape the butchered girlfriend of his ‘normal’ brother. I found this scene extremely difficult to watch because all we see is a disgusting heap of flesh with eyes and troll-like hands grunting, gasping and  rocking in between the girl’s blood-spattered legs – nice.

Now, a lot of horror buffs like this movie – often calling it a classic B-movie horror flick. I’m less inclined to agree. An imaginative horror film with a real underground feel to it  – but not a great one, even allowing for the budget constraints. In a nutshell, gives the whole game away far too early – and from then on, it’s always struggling to maintain audience interest.

If you do love this, there are two sequels.

hotdog rating: 5.5/10


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  1. I liked basket case. It was one of the first that grossed me out. The other movie that disturbed me, (but I liked it) was eraser head
    do you remember that one?

  2. Eraserhead is very disturbing!

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