Halloween (1978) spin-off….christ, sounds intriguing!

Just caught wind of this. Apparently, a new movie – currently in production – is coming out detailing the events surrounding the graveyard attendant’s tale in the original Halloween movie. Fans of Halloween will no doubt remember the following piece of dialogue between Dr Loomis and the graveyard attendant as they search for the location of Judith Myers’s burial plot.

Graveyard Attendant: “Every town has something like this happen. I remember a guy over in Russellville. Charlie Bowles. About fifteen year ago he finished dinner, excused himself from the table, went out into the garage and got a hacksaw, then came back into the house, kissed his wife and two children goodbye, and then proceeded to …” (Dr Loomis cuts him off here).

It seems that “Last Supper: The Russellville Hacksaw Murders” is going to elaborate where the attendant left off. And to send fans into a complete frenzy; according to IMDB, rumours are rife that Charles Cyphers – the terrific Sheriff Brackett in Carpenter’s classic slasher movie – has a starring role.

you can see Charles Cyphers – as he is today – and uttering one of his most famous lines here:

I’ll keep you posted on this.


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