Slasher classics at the Prince Charles this month

How fantastic. The Prince Charles cinema in leicester square is screening two classic 1981 slasher flicks on wednesday 26th october. Namely, My Bloody Valentine and Rosemary’s Killer (aka The Prowler). I cannot tell you how exciting and refreshing it is to see these sorts of films being shown on the big screen again, even if it is for only one night.

check it out at the below link:

The Lacerated Lovers Double Bill:

Of the two,  I prefer Rosemary’s Killer but both are fine ambassadors for a genre which is all too easily derided by the critics.  The reason Rosemary’s Killer is superior in my opinion is all down to the fright factor – and another great “shower scene”. Watch out for Farley Granger as the sheriff too.  The other film in this package, My Bloody Valentine, was of course remade in the last few years but the original remains a seminal piece of work in the genre. One of the nifty things about this film is the theme song – “the ballad of harry warden”.

enjoy kids, I certainly will – you cannot beat some retro slasher action around halloween.


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