quick-fire round – movies I’ve watched in the last few days.

The Boston Stranger (1968)


based on real events, a strangular terrorizes women in boston. the movie mostly takes place from the point of view of the police.


A good cast – Tony Curtis and Henry Fonda for example – and a well-regarded director (Richard Flesicher) set the bar high for this film. Unfortunately, I found it rather dull and the split screen editing technique begins to gnaw as the film goes on. Not terrible but very little to keep you enthralled.

hotdog rating: 5/10

Devil (2010)


A group of people stuck in a lift begin to believe that one of their number is a murderous nutcase, whilst those watching the CCTC footage from outside rather begin to suspect something supernatural is present inside the elevator…….


A nifty little movie which is both frightening and engaging. Very well-directed too. Look out for veteran character actor Matt Craven as “Lustig”, the sceptical security guard. There is an interesting twist towards the end of the film.  worth watching.

hotdog rating: 7/10

Keoma (1976)


A half-breed – “Keoma” – returns to his hometown after the Civil War to find it plague-ridden and under the heel of a nasty piece of work…he then sets out to rectify the situation.


Probably the last great italo-western in which Franco Nero gives a hypnotic performance as Keoma. The film runs more like an opera with plot evolution and scripting occurring through the soundtrack rather than through the visuals on screen. It’s violent, bloody and unique. Pay particular attention to the fantastic slow-motion death scenes. Makes Tarantino look like Disney.

hotdog rating: 8.5/10

Phantasm 2 (1988)


Giving a synopsis for the Phantasm series is tough – the films include killer metal spheres with drills in in them, dwarf-like goblins, a very tall man who looks like a gaunt irish uncle and some very bad sex scenes….


Chaos. The acting was bad in part one but by this time around is just diabolical. Script is poor and the plot incomprehensible. nevertheless, a great score and some interesting gore effects. for hardcore fans only.

hotdog rating: 3.5/10


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