hotdog’s halloween night

Last night, I attended a double bill screening of “Halloween” (1978) and “The Exorcist” (1973) at The Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square. It was incredible!

“Halloween” fit the bill like a glove, with the audience loving every second. The cheers during the opening titles were absolutely awesome and a testament to the level of feeling many movie fans have for this horror classic. Seeing this film on the big screen again re-iterated how good the direction of the picture actually is – the use of shadows, the iconic score and most startling, the complete lack of gore. This is the daddy of the dead-teenager genre.

Now, we come to “The Exorcist”. The version screened was the Director’s Cut which I had not actually seen before. The contrast with “Halloween” was obvious from the start – this is a far more serious and deeper movie than the popcorn style boogeyman-on-the-rampage of “Halloween” – the audience was now more subdued and inextricably drawn into Friedkin’s terrifying world of a young girl possessed by a particularly nasty African demon. Never have I felt this movie so intensely as in the cinema last night, it was freaking scary as hell!

Surely, my best halloween so far – and a change to my usual routine of watching Halloween 1, 2 and 4 at home – Many thanks to all the guys at The Prince Charles who made it possible.



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