Shelter (2010)


A forensic psychiatrist (Julianne Moore) investigates the case of a man suffering from what seems to be multiple personality disorder (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) – yet the personalities he harbours are those of  what appear to be murder victims….


A complex chiller which is much deeper than the synopsis suggests. There is much to like in this movie. Rhys Meyers is barn-storming as the usual ‘patient X’ and there are creepy, but admittedly hammy, scenes.  Even though it’s not particularly ground-breaking in any way,  I loved the whole notion of this film. The idea of a host body housing the souls of murder victims is rather fascinating and there is a jaw-dropping scene where the mother of one of the victims encounters Rhys Meyers as “her son” in an interview room…..the acting in this scene is just terrific.

One thing that drags is the presence of Julianne Moore; a good actress but personally, I am just sick of seeing her in these “jody-foster-in-silence-of-the-lambs” roles. Moore just seems to run around looking a bit emotionally exhausted – and in dire need of a coffee – whilst blatantly ignoring what is staring her in the face. Jeffrey DeMunn of “The Green Mile” (1999) fame  pops up as Moore’s more open-minded father – a nice touch.

The script is a little heavy on the psychology babble but we can handle that no sweat, it’s the price you pay in these sort of pictures.

The revelations towards the end of the movie up the shiver factor a bit and are reasonably unsettling, but the movie takes a little long to get to this part via some nonsense about “mountain magic” ;  out-of-nowhere a mountain-witch-hag and her anaemic grand-daughter appear, which to say the least the audience isn’t really prepared for.

The final twist is cheap and nothing else which really jarred me – spoiling the film’s until-then interesting conclusion.

An enjoyable movie which packs a few punches;  worth sitting through once, but you probably won’t watch it again. It’s a bit like viewing an extended episode of “The X-Files”.

hotdog rating: 6/10


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