Fear in the Night (1972)


A young woman (Judy Geeson) is attacked by a man with a prosthetic arm. Said woman then moves to an isolated boarding school in the English countryside with her teacher-boyfriend (Ralph Bates). Once there  she meets the sinister headmaster (Peter Cushing) and his seductive wife (Joan Collins). However, she continues to be stalked by a man with a prosthetic arm…….


A charming little film. Certainly predictable but with some stand-out moments, one of which includes the magnificent opening credits sequence which culminates in a shot of some guy’s legs dangling down from the tree he hanged himself in……

Cushing gives a commendable if subdued performance as the ‘not-quite-all-there’ headmaster and Joan Collins just sorts of hangs around in tight trousers looking sexy as hell. I liked Ralph Bates as the teacher and Judy Geeson’s husband. However, Geeson is not believable and gives a melodramatic performance as our ‘woman in peril’.

The film gives away it’s plot-twist about half-way through the proceedings but this doesn’t have a negative impact on the viewing pleasure of the audience.

I liked the score for this picture – fits the mood quite nicely – and the cinematography of the school and its isolated surroundings are outstanding.

Although it feels like a made-for-TV movie, it’s still a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend an hour and a half with more than few creepy moments. Watch out for the thunderous jump out of your seat finale.

hotdog rating: 6/10


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