Puppetmaster 2 (1991)


The puppets resurrect their old-master Andre Toulon at the Bodega Bay hotel. Another group of paranormal researchers head there to try to figure out what happened during the events of  “Puppetmaster” (1989). One of the reserachers bears an uncanny resemblence to Toulon’s deceased wife….and Toulon aims to transfer her soul into a life-size mannequin, but he needs the puppets to obtain human brain tissue for his plan to succeed….and are they willing?


A completely crazy movie. But, very fun indeed if you like these sort of low-budget straight to video horror pictures. I always think that this sequel runs like a pantomine and the pre-credits scene is alone worth the rental price –  a brilliant little homage to Frankenstein’s monster…..

The film suffers from a poor cast and some terrible production values – although the stop-and-go animation of the puppets is as good as ever. We see a very different side to Toulon’s puppets here and we get more of Toulon’s back story. Although wrapped up in those bandages and with those silly goggles on, our puppetmaster looks more like the invisible man than anything else.

The great thing about this film is that it is really the pupppets who are pulling the strings and not the puppetmaster himself….I liked the characterisation that this lent to the puppets. The puppetmaster turns on them and they turn on him, revealing  that our little friends are not actually the demonic creatures we envisaged but the tortured souls of once compassionate beings. The fact that the puppets try to fob the Toulon off with pig brains – rather than kill innocent people and use human brains – was a nice touch.

Compared to the first movie, there is quite a bit more gore and some graphic sequences – one of the researchers has his head drilled straight through by Tunneler, which the censors must have loved.  In addition,  the ending is very bizarre – and frankly, quite unsettling, but I won’t spoil it…..it’s certainly not expected.

Once you add in the classic Richard Band score then I reckon this is a quite a bit better than the original entry in the series – being both more enjoyable and better-scripted than “Puppetmaster” (1989). This also seems to be the consensus in the Puppetmaster  ‘fan’ community.

hotdog rating: 4.5/10 


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