Iron Sky (2012)


In 1945, the Nazis escaped to the Moon. In 2018, they come back.


Plot-wise, “Iron Sky” is  heroically interesting; I mean, the whole concept just jumps out at you. NASA astronauts stumbling across Nazi stormtroopers on the dark-side of the moon! – that’s no dry synopsis. The film-makers clearly knew this and the opening sequence, whilst massively over-the-top, surely goes down as one of the most iconic moments in recent cinema history.  Despite a reported budget of only 7.5 million euros, the film looks great and despite what you may think, the script is rather good.

I suppose that one of the main faults of the movie is that it can inevitably never live up to those opening moments. It’s quite true, that from there on, the film is always on a downward path which is only occasionally illuminated by (1) the impressive CGI space-battle sequences and (2) the comic goings-on at the UN security council meetings . Some of the best parts of the movie happen here. Watch out for North Korea’s response to the Nazi moon-threat specifically.

As far as the players are concerned, Udo Kier’s bit-part as the ageing “Moon-Fuhrer” is the best acting talent on display. The others are less charming and more annoying. The Sarah-Palin rip-off US President is particularly cringing although she does have some amusing lines of dialogue – as I said, the script is one of the better aspects of this movie. The female lead, played by Julia Dietze, is a Nazi school-teacher who has a change of heart on reaching Earth. Clearly chosen as eye-candy she does quite well and I thought her performance was surprisingly engaging. Nevertheless, it only takes a screening of Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator” to changer her from a high-priestess of Nazi mythology to a bleeding-heart democrat.

There is a very curious reference about half way through the film to the famous Hitler-going-mad scene in “Downfall” which has been parodied many times elsewhere. In “Iron Sky” it’s the US President’s campaign manager throwing her toys of the cot in response to her team’s utter incompetence.

The film’s political messages are blatantly obvious and very one-dimensional – but the last sequence goes just a bit too far, leaving you thinking “Oh, for heaven’s sake”.

I think in summary that this is a movie which promised to be full of belly-laughs and with material as rich as the script initially suggests, you can’t help feeling that it could easily have been better.  Hence, whilst “Iron Sky” is no “Killer Klowns From Outer Space”, it remains an enjoyable hatchet-job of movie satire.

hotdog rating: 5.5/10


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