Deadgirl (2008)


Two high-school students stumble across a woman chained to a bed in the basement of an abandoned mental hospital. The thing is, this woman cannot die, and the two diverge on what to do next. One decides to use her as a vehicle for his darkest desires whilst the other sinks into a state of depression at his best-friend’s behaviour. Events soon get out of control…..


An unusually direct movie based on a disquieting premise, Deadgirl (2008) still manages to be reflectively entertaining.

The horror here is not to do with a pitifully undead girl in the basement; it’s rather based on the sickest places that the pursuit of carnal and unchecked fantasies can take you. Be warned, the lengths the boys are willing to go in order to fulfil their sexual urges are hard to watch. We have rape, sodomy, fellatio, mutilation and more; all applied to an undead corpse harnessed to a filthy mattress in the belly of an old asylum.

The acting in the film is occasionally questionable but this is more noticeable in the bit-part roles than from our lead characters, who all do quite well. In particular, our two male leads are entirely convincing and frighteningly realistic. Noah Segan as the visceral ‘JT’ gives a special and quite unforgettable performance.

I liked the soundtrack, even if it is too heavy on the ‘teen-angst’ sort of music, but the script isn’t great and we aren’t treated to much of a backstory behind anyone really.

If you are looking for comparisons, the movie has the feel and atmosphere of early Wes Craven efforts such as The Last House on the Left (1972).

Just to add, you’ll see the final twist coming about 30 mins early, but what is shocking isn’t this plot development itself but the inevitability of it.

In summary, Deadgirl (2008) certainly isn’t a movie for everyone. Although I am somewhat weary of admitting it and despite the repugnant subject matter, this is a thought-provoking, brutal and meritorious genre film experience.

hotdog rating: 7/10

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