misc “bullet” horror reviews…

I have watched quite a few horror movies recently and I don’t really feel they warrant a full review  because they can be easily summarized as follows:

Dead Silence (2007)



The ghost of a murdered ventriloquist returns to torment the children of the town she lived in.


James Wan makes good use of the ventriloquist legend and showcases a startling cinematography. The cast also do a good job here. Certainly, some scenes will stay with you for a long time (the graveyard of puppets is one) but the directionless script and the ‘shock’ ending is the worst of a misguided second act.

hotdog rating: 5.5/10

Prison (1988)           



A wrongfully executed man haunts an old prison  re-opened by a sadistic warden who knew of his innocence.


An effective suspenser which benefits from a genuine creepiness and an above-average cast. Lane Smith’s portrayal of the sadistic warden is electric and the inmates are played with interest, meaning it works as a bit of a prison drama as well as being a ‘frightening device’. The set-piece murder sequences are perfect and whilst there are no surprises in the narrative it’s well-done 80s horror on a budget.

hotdog rating: 7/10

Offerings  (1989)



A young boy falls down a well as part of a prank. Years later he escapes from a mental home and sets out slicing and dicing…..


At heart this is a by-the-numbers Halloween (1978) clone which lacks originality – even for the slasher genre. It however is interesting for some nasty sequences and a synth-heavy score with cuts right through the viewer as much as the killer’s knife. Clearly a tongue-in-cheek effort, the script makes you wince and the acting is some of the worst I have seen . Enjoyable in a trashy kind of way.

hotdog rating: 2.5/10

Mausoleoum (1983)



Not quite sure, something about a family curse passed down through generations turning young women into demons.


The film has the look of a cheap porno movie and a plot which doesn’t really make sense (the final shot is baffling). There is however a dash of camerawork and eclectic use of lighting which seem to display some level of competence from behind the camera but with a cast and plot like this it’s almost impossible to save. The almost laughable special effects really make the film show its age and some disconcerting viewers probably won’t be able to see past them.

hotdog rating: 3/10


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