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Just a note on The Divide (2011)

You aren’t likely to see a more downbeat movie this year, but to rate this poorly because of that would be doing the director a disservice.

This film seems to be universally hated, and I am not too sure why. It’s essentially a siege movie in the Carpenter tradition. It has a strong cast given the budget and an eerie feel as it descends into a Lord of the Flies type exercise beneath the ground. At times I was reminded of the imagery of Mad Max.

This is a gorier film than you might expect and in parts it is nasty but hey kids, being trapped in an underground bunker after some kind of nuclear attack isn’t an episode of Rainbow.

The source material is nothing new but Michael Biehn does a job as the guy in charge undergound. Whilst I wouldn’t claim The Divide to be an overlooked gem, it is not deserving of the stick it has received.

If you like Day of the Dead (1985) or Assault on Precinct 13 (1976) I can imagine The Divide is rather up you street.