IMDB ratings and the horror masters

A lot’s been said about the decline of genre directors such as Carpenter, Hooper, Argento and even Romero.

so, Hotdog thought some descriptive stats of IMDB ratings for these directors might be of interest. what does the web’s top film site say about cinephile’s preferences for these directors?

It’s clearly the case that the trend in IMDB ratings is down for all of these directors over time. In other words, their earlier films are “better performing ” than their later films. Nothing new there, it’s what we have all known for some time.

However, it’s important to look at performance over the course of their careers. These guys are in their twilight years and how will/does IMDB treat them>? Here are the summary stats for each director’s IMDB rating*:

John Carpenter: Median = 6.8, standard deviation = 0.8
Dario Argento: Median= 6.3, standard deviation = 1.2
George A Romero: Median= 6.2, standard deviation=0.9
Tobe Hooper: Median= 5.4, standard deviation=1.3

The median is a measure of the average rating. Carpenter is the clear winner here, followed by Argento, Romero and Hooper in last place. The standard deviation shows the spread of ratings around the average rating**. From these figures, you can see that Carpenter achieves the most consistent ratings out of the four, whilst Hooper is once again propping up the rest. Argento does ever so slightly better than Romero on average but his movies’ ratings are more dispersed than those in Romero’s back-catalog.

So what does this tell us? Well, based on – admittedly crude – IMDB ratings, then John Carpenter isn’t doing as badly compared to his peer group as you might expect. That said, Hooper’s career overview doesn’t look too great at the moment – and I can’t see opinion being revised anytime soon. His successes of Texas Chainsaw and Poltergeist seem like a long time ago now.

* ratings correct as of 24th January 2015.
**the standard deviations refer to differences from the mean and not the median; however the mean rating is very similar to the median rating for all directors here.


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